Sidney McDonald

Sidney McDonald rolls her passion for clients and her curiosity for learning into her craft as the Business Development/Proposal Manager for Triple C. Ms. McDonald is focused on ascertaining the unique needs of current and prospective clients. Employing her honed skills to analyze client needs, she then assesses the diverse capabilities of Triple C, as proven by past performance, to successfully achieve client goals as determined by the needs assessment she developed.
Early in her career as a sales consultant, Ms. McDonald realized she had a passion to help clients succeed in all their varied needs. Driven by that passion to serve the client, she then managed sales teams and later trained teams in business development and leadership best practices. Honored by the professional recognition, she has earned several awards in innovative training design/development. The enjoyment she derives from mentoring and coaching brings her great fulfillment and brings her trainees greater results in their endeavors.
Ms. McDonald deems it a privilege to have assisted many university and architecture/engineering/construction leaders to improve their organization’s systems and processes, and to enrich their skills and talents, leading to increased organizational teamwork and to greater achievement. Similarly, as the Proposal Manager for Triple C, Ms. McDonald is purposed to understand the client behind each proposal and to clearly convey the integrity and competence of Triple C as an ethical problem solver, leading to greater client satisfaction.

Grand Canyon University, Psychology, Business Studies
The Leadership Compass, 2013
Customer Focus for Leaders and Managers, 2010
Time Management for Leaders and Managers, 2010
Multiple white papers on business development and leadership topics

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