Michele Potter

Prior to assisting in the startup of Triple C, Mrs. Potter served in advisory roles focused on family and women’s issues. The multifaceted guidance centered on the wellness of the individual/family as a whole. Having majored in nutrition, she had the privilege of assisting women and families with the everyday needs common to young, struggling families, such as dietary insufficiency. Housing, clothing, food, and counseling were made available to clients in the interests of helping them to overcome challenges on multiple levels and to function as sound, healthy individuals contributing to their families and communities.

In her capacity as a business advisor in the current/future trends and processes of Triple C, Mrs. Potter particularly delights in her role as the self-described “Company Culture Designer.” Surrounded by all the talented designers and planners who have graced Triple C with their passion, skills, and professionalism, she considers herself privileged to gather them together on a weekly basis to discuss matters of integrity, ethics, and values, including wide-ranging topics related to maintaining Triple C’s focus on doing business in the right way . . . for the right reasons. With her academic background in public relations, Mrs. Potter relishes every opportunity to see to it that Triple C is a “walking billboard” of the principles upon which she helped to found it and now endeavors to guide it.

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