Joe Castenir

Electrical Designer

Driven by a sense of purpose in his work, Joe has recently joined the Triple C team, bringing with him 18 months of valuable experience working under federal contracts, primarily serving the military. Knowing that his efforts contribute to a greater cause keeps him motivated and inspired each day. One of his greatest strengths lies in his positive and optimistic attitude. Combined with a strong work ethic and an unwavering drive to ensure tasks are completed correctly, he approaches every project with enthusiasm. He takes immense pride in his work and strives for excellence in all that he does.

With a knack for getting his hands dirty and a genuine passion for witnessing installations firsthand, Joe possesses technical strengths that set him apart. His background as an electrical engineer and assistant construction project manager for a Department of Defense contract at Wright Patterson Air Force Base has provided him with invaluable insights and expertise. Beyond military contracts, he has also gained extensive experience in various other industries, including sports facilities, public parks, zoos, botanical gardens, higher education, healthcare, and K-12. This diverse background has equipped him with a broad skill set and a deep understanding of complex project management.

Looking ahead, his short-term goal within the next 18 months is to achieve and pass the Professional Engineer (PE) exam, obtaining his licensure. He is a dedicated professional driven by a passion for serving others and making a meaningful impact through his work. With a commitment to continuous growth and excellence, he eagerly embraces new challenges and opportunities for advancement in his career journey.


Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering

University of Cincinnati

College of Engineering & Applied Sciences: Cum Laude

Minor, Electrical Energy and SmartGrid