Ben McDonald

As Business Development Principal, Mr. McDonald focuses on understanding client needs and building relationships throughout the A/E industry. Ben has over 25 years’ experience in business development, working with both large and small companies to hone their business development processes and behaviors. Mr. McDonald has created the 4P Business Development Model to guide Triple C’s responses to client solicitations and requests. The 4P Model links the range of business development activities [Position, Prepare, Propose, Perform] into an effective process to discover client needs, to create proposals that demonstrate this understanding, and to build the team that is prepared to perform so as to achieve the client’s goals.

Mr. McDonald understands that a proposal is not simply the means whereby to earn the privilege of an interview or a “win.” Rather, an effective proposal is one that enables the service provider to delve deep and to start the conversation to learn more about the client’s needs. Mr. McDonald’s goal in business development is to match Triple C’s local knowledge, past performance, and skill set with the unique needs of the client and to fully capture the client’s vision communicated through the solicitation.

As Director of Business Development, his emphasis on processes and tools ensures that Triple C proposals and documents are client-focused. He also ensures that they meet or exceed the rigid standards Triple C abides by regarding integrity and proposal submittals. This is in accordance with the Triple C motto that “our reasonable service is to provide you with exemplary service.”

Mr. McDonald is also passionate about mentoring in both business development and leadership topics. This is an asset that helps the Triple C team to take advantage of a fast-track approach to improving leadership skills, along with expanding the understanding of ethical, effective, and efficient business practices and instilling the importance of personal growth.  This mentoring emphasis and commitment demonstrates Triple C’s dedication to personal and professional growth for each staff member.

B.A. Psychology and Adult Learning, University of Pennsylvania, 1980

The Leadership Compass, 2013
Customer Focus for Leaders and Managers, 2010
Time Management for Leaders and Managers, 2010
Multiple white papers on business development and leadership topics
Multiple workshops and training sessions on business development and leadership

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