This remodel project included 6,000 SF of existing space in Building 1 on the 5th Floor, C&D Wings of the Phoenix VAHCS. The space supports specialty Mental and Behavioral Health services as well as the Mental Health administrative offices. Interior design and planning included suicide-proof light fixtures, extensions to patient room cabinets, drain enclosures and updating door hardware. Additionally, Triple C addressed:

14 Patient Rooms

  • Brightened patient washroom lighting; designed washrooms for ADA compliance; widened patient doorways; asbestos remediation; updated all finishes; designed suicide-proof toilets and fixtures.


  • Designed showers and entry for ADA compliance; asbestos remediation; updated all finishes; brightened room lighting; and installed a power door operator.

Patient Seating

  • Redesigned an open sitting area for patients with updated finishes, living murals, and new wall lighting.