The Triple C design team renovated the interior of these spaces to address the unique needs of veterans.  By decreasing the number of environmental stressors and creating efficient traffic patterns that promote safety, ease, and calm, the interior of Building 1 now meets the VA’s vision for circulation of employees and patients with a welcoming atmosphere to a state-of-the-art medical center.


The entry and lobby were “re-visioned” to present an atmosphere that welcomes patients, while the Gallery and adjacent hallways were “re-visioned” to include new ceilings, column wraps, lighting, flooring, colors, seating, and signage. The 2,460 SF of Phase 1 renovations addressed safety, comfort, access, availability of ancillary services, patient confidentiality and corridor traffic through congested areas during the construction period.


The Triple C design team physically and visually separated access to hospital functions to enhance security and privacy. The Building 8 conceptual design included an extension of the second-story floor, and introduced an additional lounge and education area.