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Phoenix VAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building

This 20,000 SF new construction project includes the planning, design and construction-period services of the Outpatient Behavioral Health Building.  Triple C provided construction documents for the first two stories of an ultimate six-story structure. The design included the architectural and engineering infrastructure for four additional future floors.

This initial PHX OBHB project will provide a new building to house primary and specialty mental and behavioral health services. The inital 1st and 2nd floors of this building will consist of outpatient clinical and group therapy mental health services.

Because the building is adjacent to the existing In-Patient Behavioral Health Building, the connectivity to the in-patient facility will allow for shared services and memory care space. Triple C will also provide construction administration services.

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Community Living Center

The Community Living Center Phase 2 project will expand Phase 1 to provide 15 new beds and add a total of 10,000 SF of new space to the building. The Community Living Center will be configured to accommodate two more residential homes/wings of 7 and 8 beds, respectively. Phase 2 will further enhance space constructed in Phase 1 to support amenities per the latest CLC Design Guidelines that increased the amount of support space required for Community Living Center functions.

The design solution will include all the needed site work to tie into the previously designed Community Living Center and will ensure the most efficient traffic flow patterns for the station.

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Pharmacy

This new $8.5M project allows for up to 20,000 SF of new space while extensively remodeling and relocating existing spaces. Triple C is developing solutions that mitigate the impact to adjacent sites, address historical impacts, and provide added value to the campus, such as relocating the Canteen.

Per the VHA design directives, Triple C is addressing VA requirements for physical security, as well as those governing the security of pharmaceutical materials and substances. As an energy management measure, sub-metering of utilities is incorporated into the design. Third parties provide fire protection engineers and blast consultants.

Triple C’s design will provide full accessibility for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, while maintaining sensitivity to the future impacts on traffic due to the new parking structure. Triple C is developing signage plans to facilitate wayfinding for pedestrians and vehicles. Requirements for building access, construction staging, and phasing are included.