The purpose of this project was to provide a designed solution to address deficiencies associated within the built environment of the IT Service Line, located within multiple buildings at the NMVAHCS.

In addition to ensuring adequate capacity for planned growth and maintenance, this project addressed deficiencies as defined by the PSDM (Physical Security Design Manual) 2015 VA Standard. The design included considerations for expanding the size of IT Closet Areas, addressing UPS deficiencies, grounding and bonding conditions within each closet, alarm monitoring, configuration of equipment within the closets such as cable trays/ housings, rack configuration, sizing of sleeves for cabling, removing abandoned cable and addressing physical security needs.

Dedicated supplemental cooling, security, and bonding (grounding) to the other closets within the building were also supplied. The deficiencies vary from building to building, however common deficiencies found in all the buildings included: lack of access control, lack of equipment bonding (grounding) and the absence of a dedicated cooling unit within the space.

Key Project Elements:

  • Remodel and New Construction IT Closets
  • Structured Cabling/ CAT6
  • Phasing/ Construction Sequencing
  • Life Safety/ Emergency Lighting/ Grounding
  • Fire Protection/ New Fire Alarm System
  • PSDM Corrections/ New Security Cameras
  • Deficiency Checklist per OIT  HVAC/ BAS/ Cooling System
  • Removal Legacy Cabling Infrastructure
  • Emergency Power/ UPS Deficiencies
  • Interior Finishes/ Signage Package/ Specs
  • Protect Historic Elements and Features
  • LIDAR survey/Site Evaluation/ BIM
  • Equipment Plans/ Equipment Racks