Triple C provided design services for complete re-cabling within multiple buildings at the NMVAHCS Campus. This project included all materials and labor to replace all telecommunications cable, outlets, and associated equipment for buildings in this project. The scope also included replacement of all fiber optic cabling and provide new conduit, fiber and manholes serving the building’s Telecommunications Rooms (TR) and additional 15% capacity in accordance with the drawings and specifications. All deficiencies were brought up to CERNER and VA cabling standards. Additionally, all cabling was replaced with plenum-rated CAT6A cabling terminated to IEEE 568-A guidelines within the affected buildings.

The project scope included addition of new Computer Room Air-Conditioning split systems with temperature and humidity monitoring station for Building 15 and 50 TRs, as well as the addition of two new electrical circuits in Building 50. All new TRs meets the requirement of the 80 meter limitation per /10NA5G/29APR20, April 29, 2020. Existing cabinets, PDU, CRACs, UPS, and Power, etc. that do not meet the infrastructure standards were assessed and incorporated into the construction documents to be upgraded as well. All follow the OIT standard Basis of Design.

In addition to ensuring adequate capacity for planned growth and maintenance, this project addressed deficiencies as defined by the PSDM (Physical Security Design Manual) 2015 VA Standard.

Key Project Elements:

  • Multiple Buildings/ Demolition
  • Commissioning/ Quality Control/ Phasing
  • Cost Estimating/ Basis for Design
  • Addresses Deficiencies/ Condition Assessment
  • Electrical/ Normal & Emergency Power
  • Distribution Panel Upgrades/ FDP/ UPS/ PDU’s
  • CERNER Standards/ U-FTP/ WAN Connection
  • Abatement/Site Management Testing
  • Equipment Training Plans/ Specs
  • New Construction TR rooms/ Finishes
  • ICRA & Control Implementation Plan
  • Construction Period Service
  • Construction Sequencing Plan
  • Site investigation/ LIDAR Survey
  • Fiber Survey/ Redundant Fiber Line
  • Noise/ Vibrations/ Acoustics
  • Seismic Restraints
  • Life Safety/ Fire Safety/ Fire Alarm
  • Equipment Training Plans/ Specs