A thorough physical security risk assessment and gap analysis was conducted for the Lee County VA Healthcare Center. Classified and unclassified sources were sought for threat intelligence data pertinent to the Lee County VA Healthcare Center. Both qualitative and quantitative tools were utilized to prioritize critical assets and vulnerabilities for this proposed facility. A top 10 critical targets list was developed which involved the patient and staff operations, logistics and utilities.

Top threats assessed include storm damage, assault, equipment reliability, active shooter, IED, various larceny theft and cyber-attack. All processes of this Risk Assessment are in complete compliance with the VA physical security design manual (PSDM), January 2015 release. Based on PSDM section, this campus was treated as a fully operational medical center based on criteria of net square footage of usable space, services offered and operational sustainability.

Architectural scope: Included hardening entrances, the mail room, and exterior mechanical louvers. While additional internal screening was explored it was determined by the facility and police stakeholders on site the allowable funding is best served by correcting deficiencies at the exterior of the building.  A new Guard House was installed at the Main Entry.

Civil/Landscape: Provided hardening at the perimeter of the site as identified in the drawings. Provided protection of the site utilities to meet PSDM 2015 requirements.

Structural: Provided seismic supports for hardening in accordance with VA PSDM 2015 requirements.

LIFE Safety: Provided appropriate clearances and phasing and entry hardening to maintain existing Life Safety and Fire rating requirements. Provided all required smoke/fire dampers and alarms with new Air Handling Unit to maintain current VA and NFPA standards.

HVAC: Corrected deficiencies with existing louvers.

Electrical: Provided electrical upgrades to support new security cameras, VASS, Guard House, infrastructure site lighting, and architectural modifications.

Key Project Elements:

  • Physical Security Risk Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Phasing per CPM
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Seismic Bracing/High Seismic Zone
  • Cost Estimates/Deductive Alternates
  • BIM