Who We Are

It would be misleading for us, as the founders of Triple C – The A&E Group, to write a success story that boasts of “our” great achievements. Our small business is not, and never will be, about the two of us. Though we have had the privilege of starting Triple C – The A&E Group, it will easily outlive us. In order to emphasize the point that many factors and characters… Read More

Our Multi-Discipline Services

Our Projects

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Pharmacy

This $8.5M project allows for up to 20,000 SF of new space while extensively remodeling and relocating existing spaces. Triple C developed solutions that mitigate the impact to adjacent sites, addresses historical impacts, and provides added value to the campus, such as relocating the Canteen. Per the VHA design directives, Triple C addre... Learn More

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Community Living Center

The Community Living Center Phase 2 project will expand Phase 1 to provide 15 new beds and add a total of 10,000 SF of new space to the building. The Community Living Center will be configured to accommodate two more residential homes/wings of 7 and 8 beds, respectively. Phase 2 will further enhance space constructed in Phase 1 to support... Learn More

Phoenix VAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building

Triple C provided the planning and design for the this 20,000 SF new Outpatient Behavioral Health Building.  Construction documents were for the first two stories of an ultimate six-story structure. The design included the architectural and engineering infrastructure for four additional future floors. This initial PHX OBHB project will p... Learn More