Who We Are

It would be misleading for us, as the founders of Triple C – The A&E Group, to write a success story that boasts of “our” great achievements. Our small business is not, and never will be, about the two of us. Though we have had the privilege of starting Triple C – The A&E Group, it will easily outlive us. In order to emphasize the point that many factors and characters… Read More

Our Multi-Discipline Services

Our Projects

Expand Community Living Center, Richmond, VA

The scope of services included the development of a comprehensive program plan to expand and enhance Phase 2 of the Community Living Center located on the first floor of Building 500. The project entailed both remodeling and reconfiguring of existing space and construction of new space. This allowed for optimization of clinical service de... Learn More

NMVAHCS EHRM Infrastructure Upgrades

Triple C provided design services for complete re-cabling within multiple buildings at the NMVAHCS Campus. This project included all materials and labor to replace all telecommunications cable, outlets, and associated equipment for buildings in this project. The scope also included replacement of all fiber optic cabling and provide new co... Learn More

VAHVHCS Renovation of Building 13 AB, Montrose Campus

The goal for the space is to provide Veterans diagnosed with PTSD 100% ADA Compliant living accommodations that meets the VA Domiciliary design criteria for the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Residential Rehabilitation Program. To address the predicted increase in demand for additional PTSD facilities, and to reflect the goal to improve h... Learn More