VAHCS Halls & Walls Phase 1

Triple C design team renovated the interior of these spaces to address the unique needs of veterans.  By decreasing the number of environmental stressors and creating efficient traffic patterns that promote safety, ease, and calm, the interior of Building 1 now meets the VA’s vision for circulation of employees and patients, with a wel... Learn More

VAHCS Value Engineering of the Master Plan

The Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System (PVAHCS) completed a 10-year assessment of their Strategic Capital Investment Program. That assessment identified a capital investment of approximately $300M to provide 171,300 SF of new healthcare space at the Carl T. Hayden Medical Center and to renovate another 356,000 SF of existing spac... Learn More

NMVAHCS Boiler Replacement

This project removes and replaces three 500 BHP, high pressure steam boilers, associated equipment to include the DA tank, condensate tank and flash tank located in the central energy plant. In addition, all ancillary piping systems, controls, pumps valves and other devices will be replaced with state of the art equipment and materials wi... Learn More

VAHCS Improve Mental Health Inpatient Wards

This remodel project includes 6,000 square feet of existing space in Building 1 on the 5th Floor, C&D Wings of the Phoenix VAHCS. The space supports specialty Mental and Behavioral Health services as well as the Mental Health administrative offices. Interior design and planning included suicide proof light fixtures, extensions to pati... Learn More

VACCHCS Phase 2 Chiller Infrastructure Project

The Chiller Infrastructure system requires updating, upsizing, and corrections. Triple C is developing a design to increase the size of the chilled water piping system to increase the distribution capacity for the main hospital. The design also includes the installation of two additional chillers in the chiller plant to increase the chill... Learn More

NMVAHCS Parking Garage

Providing a harmonious response that preserves historical influences yet celebrates modern influences, Triple C is designing this new, multi-level, 350-space parking garage adjacent to the historic area on campus. The VA stakeholders and Triple C evaluated three locations during a two-day charrette. Among other factors, the options design... Learn More

VAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building

This 20,000 SF new construction project includes the planning, design and construction-period services of the Outpatient Behavioral Health Building.  Triple C provided construction documents for the first two stories of an ultimate six-story structure. The design included the architectural and engineering infrastructure for four addition... Learn More

NMVAHCS Community Living Center

The Community Living Center Phase 2 project will expand Phase 1 to provide 15 new beds and add a total of 10,000 SF of new space to the building. The Community Living Center will be configured to accommodate two more residential homes/wings of 7 and 8 beds, respectively. Phase 2 will further enhance space constructedLearn More

NMVAHCS Pharmacy

This new $8.5M project allows for up to 20,000 SF of new space while extensive remodeling and relocating existing spaces. Triple C is developing solutions that mitigate the impact to adjacent service sites, address historical impacts, and provide added value to the campus, such as relocating the Canteen. Per the VHA design directives, Tri... Learn More