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Courage Is Fear
It would be misleading for us, as the founders of Triple C – The A&E Group, to write a success story that boasts of “our” great achievements. Our small business is not, and never will be, about the two of us. Though we have had the privilege of starting Triple C – The A&E Group, it will easily outlive us. In order to emphasize the point that many factors and characters have played key roles in Triple C’s success, the title of this story, “Courage Is Fear,” is intentionally tweaked. The full title reveals the truth about the source of our courage, which, unlike us, is worth boasting about: “Courage is fear . . . that has said its prayers” (silent film star, Dorothy Bernard). That daily exchange of fear for courage has been the first ingredient in our recipe for success. Perhaps many a potential small business owner, due to fear, has sat on the sidelines during these economically tumultuous times. And, yet, we know that small businesses are the backbone of this nation, offering critically needed employment that puts roofs over heads, food on tables, and winter coats on children. In elaborating on “our” success, then, we would be remiss not to mention what it took, and what it takes every day, to get these two small business owners off the sidelines and into the game. 

The second ingredient in our recipe for success has been the purposes that have driven us to persist. We are purposed to be a small business that, like many others that have gone before us, exemplifies priorities founded upon principles. To illustrate one such value-based priority, the following is a phrase that inspires us to work ever harder in order to hire our fellow veterans who have served our nation and who now face a high rate of unemployment: “. . . to care for him who shall have borne the battle” (President Abraham Lincoln). In addition to hiring veterans, we are also passionate about supplying new jobs to our neighbors within our community, such as the experienced legal secretary we found walking the sidewalks as she entered one restaurant after another looking for work while living out of her motor home in the Wal-Mart parking lot . . . or the paraplegic who graduated from the University of Wyoming and couldn't find employment.  Only priorities grounded in values are able to sustain the endurance that it takes to succeed. 

Armed with value-driven priorities and prayerful courage, Triple C is successfully contributing to the mission of its diverse Clients. We are privileged to have received several projects, including the following representative Prime Contracts:

  • Salt Lake City VAMC Gait Lab
  • VISN 18 Energy Services IDIQ
  • Tucson SAVAHCS Fisher House
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Parking Garage
  • Phoenix SAVAHCS Halls & Walls Phase 1
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Fire Alarm Upgrade
  • Phoenix SAVAHCS Stormwater Assessment Plan
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Community Living Center
  • Phoenix SAVAHCS Master Plan Value Engineering
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Master Utility Plan and Study
  • El Paso VAHCS Operating Room Chiller Replacement
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Master Utility Plan and Study
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS High-Level Disinfection Facility
  • Phoenix SAVAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building
  • Albuquerque NMVAHCS Master Planning for Future Projects
  • Tucson SAVAHCS Legionella Prevention B57, B60, B2 & B38
  • FE Warren AFB Bioenvironmental Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Grand Junction VAMC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics Center

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned firm, and a HUBZone firm, Triple C – The A&E Group is grateful for these opportunities to serve our distinguished men and women in uniform. Furthermore, as small business owners honored to be working for such government agencies as the VA and the DoD, Triple C – The A&E Group’s success is living proof that “courage is fear . . . that has said its prayers.” Or, as our favorite cowboy, John Wayne, would say, “Courage is being scared to death . . . and saddling up anyway.” We encourage existing and prospective small business owners across our nation to bravely saddle up – this nation needs you. 

                                 David E. Potter                President

                                 Michele A. Potter            Director, Business Development