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Albuquerque NMVAHCS Master Planning for Future Minor Projects
“I have worked with four separate design firms on other Minor Construction projects (under $10 million price range) and working with Triple C has been the smoothest design development I have been a part of. They have been timely and very responsive to end user design changes. The quality of their work and personnel are reflected in the work they have provided. Products have been clean, easy to follow, and well organized. Their Quality Control methods are also excellent. I have adopted their design review template for other design efforts with great success.”  
Project COR, Phoenix VAHCS

Phoenix VAHCS New Outpatient Behavioral Health Building
“Very knowledgeable and easy to work with team. Very focused on ensuring the Government was getting what was expected.”
“Very detailed investigation completed early in project to ensure quality of final product was above average.” 
Project COR, Albuquerque NMVAHCS

Our reasonable service - To provide you with exemplary service
Albuquerque NMVAHCS Utility Master Plan and Study
“Total performance period for this design effort was 30 days. Throughout this short duration they have been very timely and very responsive to end user design changes. The quality of their work and personnel are reflected in the work they have provided. Products have been neat, complete in every detail, and well organized.” 
Project COR, Phoenix VAHCS

Phoenix VAHCS Halls and Walls
“Design Team is well integrated having the depth of disciplines and knowledge to complete assigned project."
Project COR, Tucson SAVAHCS
Tucson SAVAHCS Legionella Water Loop Repairs, B-60 and B-57
“Triple C provided excellent service in this effort. They were diligent in their research efforts and interacted with all affected parties and stake-holders for these multiple projects. They provided coherent and reasonable schemes for construction of new facilities which are merely speculative at this point. They provided alternative solutions to the proposed projects and tied them together with consideration given to coordination with the overall facility planning effort. This effort resulted in the equivalent of a schematic design plan with the intent of being able to better describe these projects during the submission process. Triple C also provided draft business case wording to streamline the submission process.”
Project COR, Albuquerque NMVAHCS

“Given the scope of work, the Contractor performed all tasks satisfactorily with the project renderings being exceptional. The Contractor provided quality information that will allow VA leadership to make important decisions about future projects. Their input, knowledge, and quality of work was exceptional from my experience.”
Project CO, NCO18 Contracting

Phoenix VAHCS Value Engineering Master Plan
"Thanks for serving and for continuing to serve by offering your expertise as a design consultant to help the VA improve their facilities and care. Thanks for doing an excellent job! " 
Project COR, Grand Junction VAMC​
Grand Junction VAMC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services and Prosthetics Center
"I would recommend the use of this A/E in the future, because their professionalism during this project has been excellent. They took notice of both my and the COR’s concerns, addressed them, and ensured that the final document matched what was requested per the statement of work."
Schedule: VERY GOOD
Project Contract Specialist, Phoenix VAHCS

Phoenix VAHCS Stormwater Assessment Plan
Tucson SAVAHCS Fisher House Site and Utility Design
“This was a fast track design project that skipped over the 35% design right to the 65% in order to get the projected designed in time to be awarded on schedule. The follow on construction project needed to be awarded timely in order to not delay another construction project that needed the utilities required by this project. Triple C went above and beyond to make sure the design stayed on track and in spite of several issues that were outside the control of the designer, they kept the project on track.”
Project CO, Tucson SAVAHCS​

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Community Living Center 2
“This is the best 35% submittal set of documents that I’ve ever seen.”
Project COR, Albuquerque NMVAHCS

Phoenix VAHCS Halls and Walls

"Performed very well under very tight timelines. Would recommend for similar projects."​
Schedule: VERY GOOD
Cost Control: VERY GOOD
Regulatory Compliance: VERY GOOD
​Contract Specialist, NCO 18