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Triple C’s services have been retained to meet the need at the Albuquerque NMVAHCS for an entry anteroom, a dirty or pre-cleaning area, a clean or sterilization area, and a storage area with a separate exit for sterile materials. To ensure the establishment of a clean environment with no chance of cross contamination, the design will comply with all relevant design requirements adjusting the air balances per those requirements. Air balances will be required to be monitored and tracked on a fulltime basis and will be reported to the facility energy management and control system. Triple C’s work will ensure that the proper static balances and air exchange rates are achieved and maintained and that the other utility supplies are not taxed beyond their capacities. Thus, the design will also entail work to modify the utility systems that impact the ability of the mechanical system to perform its designed role. These utilities include, but are not limited to, the electrical and control systems, the chilled water system (including supply and return, as well as chiller capacity), and the plumbing system as it relates to domestic water supply.
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Serving the New Mexico VAHCS at Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM, Triple C developed a plan that identified the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to expand the current utility infrastructure to support the 
10-year Master Plan for the facility. Taking into consideration all existing structures, Triple C determined the future impacts of approved projects, the condition/viability to tie into that infrastructure for future needs, and the needed improvements to that infrastructure in order to support future growth. The study pertained to all utilities on the campus [chilled water, domestic water, irrigation water, steam, natural gas, electricity, medical gases, and information technology (IT)] with sewer and PV system added. Drawings, specifications, construction cost estimates, phasing requirements, and engineering calculations were provided.

NPS Nationwide Engineering IDIQ
Triple C is honored to be on HDR’s team for serving the NPS. Triple C has a passion for excellence regarding the elements that constitute a consistent and basic framework from within which the needs of the NPS must be met: sustainable design, universal design and accessibility, and cultural resources protection.

Projects that the NPS may have need of during the life of the IDIQ, and for which Triple C is equipped and experienced to assist in the performance of, include buildings and structures; construction permitting; drainage and storm water management systems; life safety; seismic engineering; site development; transportation engineering; transportation facilities, including roads and bridges; water and wastewater systems and facilities (planning, design and construction plans); construction specifications and construction cost estimates, as well as construction observation. Additional tasks that may be needed by the NPS, and which Triple C is prepared to perform, include involved and informed participation in community/stakeholder workshops and open houses, or the planning efforts for such events; assistance in the preparation of environmental compliance analysis and documents, including EAs and EISs; preparation of context sensitive, environmentally sustainable plans, specifications and estimates; facilitation of and preparation for value engineering studies and/or Value Analysis/Choosing by Advantages (VA/CBA) studies to evaluate proposed design solutions.

Albuquerque NMVAHCS Utility Master Plan & Study
Albuquerque NMVAHCS High-Level Disinfection Facility
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Albuquerque NMVAHCS Parking Garage
Triple C is designing a new multi-level, 350-space parking garage for the Albuquerque NMVAHCS. The design will provide a harmonious response to both historic and modern influences and will celebrate the hospital entrance yet preserve the footprint of future projects planned for the campus. The design will include full accessibility for patients and staff with elevators from the upper/lower levels. A Vehicular Traffic Study is being prepared to ensure non-interrupted traffic on main loop roads during peak periods; a Pedestrian Traffic Study is being prepared to address drop off/loading and access safety; and signage is being designed to incorporate wayfinding for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Remote security surveillance will be installed and the possible use of Solar PV panels on the roof will be considered.