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In providing new rooftop chillers solely dedicated to the Operating Room suite and other areas on the second and fourth floors of the El Paso VAHCS, and in providing a new booster pump in the water line that provides chilled water to the air handling unit for a new building addition, Triple C will furnish the necessary services, including architectural, civil, electrical, structural, and other such categories as are required to replace the Emergency OR Chillers and to eventually install the new booster pump. Triple C will develop and prepare construction documents including, but not limited to, design analysis with calculations, construction drawings, technical specifications, construction schedules, and cost estimates for the project. Specifications will be based on the most current VA Master Construction Specifications. Triple C will also provide construction period services. 

The design analysis, which will include an ADA accessibility analysis, life safety/building code analysis, and an economic and lifecycle cost analysis, will comply with the following:

    a. Department of Veterans Affairs, Standard CAD Details Index
    b. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Master Specifications
    c. Department of Veterans Affairs, Design Guides
    d. Department of Veterans Affairs, Design Manuals:
        Architectural Design Manual/Ambulatory Care – OPC
        Electrical Design Manual/Ambulatory Care – OPC
        Sustainable Design & Energy Reduction Manual
    e. Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards (UFAS) 
    f. National Electrical Code
    g. OSHA Regulations
    h. DoD – Unified Facilities Criteria

Triple C will ensure that the design, which includes plans pertaining to electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, complies with the requirements of the VA's Energy Conservation and Sustainability Program and with the requirements of the A/E Design
Submissions Requirements. The new chillers and support equipment will be compatible with and integrated into the facility’s Energy Management System (EMS).

For the fire alarm system at The Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center, the Albuquerque NMVAHCS selected Triple C to analyze the system’s requirements, to increase its capabilities, and to expand/replace the system. Providing such services as, but not limited to, architectural, fire alarm, electrical, and communications design components, Triple C has been retained to provide analysis of the existing system and to make recommendations regarding capabilities and suggestions for improvements and upgrades. From three options provided by Triple C, the VA will determine the optimal solution. Upon the VA’s selection of a system, Triple C will provide contract drawings, specifications, construction cost estimates, phasing requirements, construction duration, engineering calculations, and construction-period services. The design will incorporate a methodology for phasing and changeover from the old system to the new, ensuring that the entire hospital remains in full coverage during the process.  
Triple C’s design will incorporate the newest viable technologies in order to improve upon and to optimize the existing fire alarm system at The Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center. While new control and field devices will be required, Triple C will retain, to the extent possible, existing conduit/wiring infrastructure and compatible field devices as deemed feasible and efficient within the design constraints. With Triple C providing commissioning of this new Fire Alarm System, construction of this system will be compliant with all building and safety codes required for healthcare occupancies with special emphasis toward NFPA Life Safety.  

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Providing contract drawings, specifications, construction cost estimate, phasing requirements, construction duration, engineering calculations, and subsequent construction-period services, Triple C has been selected by the Albuquerque NMVAHCS to expand the Community Living Center (CLC) Phase 2 at The Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center by providing a stand-alone project that will house 15 new beds and will add a total of 10,000 SF of new space to a previously designed building. The CLC will be configured to accommodate two more residential homes/wings of seven and eight beds, respectively. This project will further enhance space for CLC support amenities per the most recent guidance in the latest CLC Design Guidelines that increased the amount of support space required for CLC functions. 

This project will require site work to tie into the previously designed CLC and will also involve new construction. As such, it will necessitate such technical services as geotechnical, civil engineering, landscape architecture, architecture, interior design, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing, medical equipment planning, communications, safety, building information modeling, cost estimating, and fire protection engineering. As this new space will be tied into the existing water loop system for fire suppression, flow testing and calculations will be performed to determine the necessary requirements to upgrade and design an adequate fire suppression system. The project will also ensure the most efficient traffic flow patterns for the station. In the design process, a three Green Globe or LEED Silver certification will be pursued.

Tucson SAVAHCS Building 30 Ramps
El Paso VAHCS Replace Emergency OR Chillers
Marriott International recently launched Canvas, a program that helps
startup food and beverage concepts to get off the ground in different cities.
One of the first hotel locations to accept applications was the Renaissance
Phoenix Downtown Hotel. There were more than 134 submissions for the
Phoenix Canvas contest designed to bring an independent business to the
downtown area, specifically to the Renaissance Downtown Hotel. With their
vision for Craft+Culture, Lara Mulchay and her husband, Joel LaTondress,
were selected for the opportunity to house their eatery in a corner retail space
formerly occupied by a coffee shop on the Marriott Renaissance property.
“We know there is a vast wealth of culinary talent in Phoenix, and we are both
humbled and grateful for the opportunity,” said Lara Mulchay, called the “Big
Cheese” of Phoenix, concerning this new project. Similarly, with Triple C’s
Heather Gardiner serving as the premier designer, Triple C is just as “humbled
and grateful” to have been selected to do the renovations necessitated by the transition from a coffee shop to not only an inviting eatery/cheese shop/bar, but, in addition, to an engaging venue for classes/seminars/special events that will be offered at Craft+Culture in its attractive, new home on the Marriott Renaissance property. 
For the Blind Rehabilitation Building (Bldg. 30) on the Tucson campus of the SAVAHCS, Triple C will design options to bring that area into compliance with current state laws and Life/Health Safety Code requirements. To better serve the patients, staff, and visitors, the new main entrance area will feature an extension to the existing entrance landing in order to provide a new ADA compliant ramp that will extend to the east off of the extended landing and that will tie into the existing sidewalk; another new ramp will extend to the west. A new shade structure will be designed in order to shade the extension of the new landing and both new ramps – the area of which will not only be shaded but will be surrounded by new low fences, which will also surround the newly designed ADA compliant ramp for the NW emergency exit door of the Blind Rehabilitation Building, thus providing proper access and egress for all patients, staff, and visitors in the event of an emergency. As well, fulfilling state law that requires that an area be provided for smoking, a new, covered smoking shelter that is ADA accessible, complete with benches, will be designed, incorporating a landscaped area, a lit new pathway from the main entrance walkway, and rod iron fencing. Proper grading and drainage will be achieved. By implementing coordinated phasing, the provision of limited construction period services will help to ensure that the construction proceeds in a manner that permits the hospital staff to perform their duties with a minimum amount of disruption, as well as helping to maintain emergency access and egress. 
Downtown Phoenix, Craft+Culture
Albuquerque NMVAHCS Community Living Center Phase 2
Albuquerque NMVAHCS Fire Alarm Upgrade
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