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Kelly Struble
Civil Design Manager
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Prior to joining Triple C, Kelly Struble spent 15 years in the Las Vegas, Nevada, private development sector holding such positions as Project Manager and Lead Designer. Kelly has served as the Lead Designer for numerous projects: Lifestyle Las Vegas (a high-rise hotel/casino/retail center/condominium complex); Iron Mountain Ranch (a 500-acre residential community); and Durango/215 (a 36-acre retail center with Target Department Store as the anchor). For the Target Center project, Kelly is credited with developing and maintaining a Capital Projects Request (CPR) book that included multiple plans and cost analyses; he then had the privilege of presenting his CPR program for development to a panel of Target Executives at their national headquarters. Kelly has also enjoyed working in the role of Hydrology Technician, calculating the hydrologic studies and hydraulic analyses for many of his projects.
Adept at AutoCAD, Kelly is known for having implemented design standards that have effectively reduced costs by streamlining production standards. He has successfully supervised team projects by tracking and managing project timelines and billable hours. As a result of Kelly’s experience and expertise in AutoCAD civil design, he had the privilege of conducting a seminar in Mexico City, Mexico, on the strategies and processes of “American Civil Design.” 

Having served two terms on the Board of Trustees for the Laramie Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles, a charitable organization that donates to, among its other causes, the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center at the University of Iowa and to the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in Sheridan and Cheyenne, Wyoming, Kelly is currently serving as President of this Aerie. In the role of President, his responsibilities include overseeing the local Aerie, networking with other Aeries in the state, and assisting in the distribution of funds to the many charities supported by the organization.