Triple C - The A&E Group

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David E. Potter, P.E., PLS
Our reasonable service - To provide you with exemplary service
David Potter, PE, LS, is passionate about providing state-of-the-art facilities for the betterment of his fellow Veterans and is equally purposed to employ qualified Veterans. As fearless founder and leader of Triple C, and as a service-disabled Veteran and a “Grandpy” of three [though he’s negotiating for more via (falsely inflated) inheritance promises] who cherishes the roots and framework of this, as he frequently says, “great nation,” David lives by his personal and professional motto to serve the Veteran end user, the Veteran job seeker, his fellow Veteran business owner, and those who work with and for Veterans on their journeys from “cradle to grave.” David leads with a clear, unrelenting focus on benefitting the Veteran end users to whom is “owed a debt of gratitude,” a phrase that he is known to consistently repeat whenever he has the chance to sing the praises of our Veterans.
Included in his estimation of those owed a debt too great to ever be repaid are not only those Veterans he delights in working for through the auspices of the VA or the DoD, but any and all Veterans who are, or who have, served in uniform. As the expression, with which David wholeheartedly agrees, states, “A Veteran . . . whether active duty, retired, or national guard or reserve . . . is someone who, at one point in their life, wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of America for an amount up to and including their LIFE.” In return, David wants to spend the rest of his LIFE returning the favor to his fellow Veterans, regardless of their branch, rank, or any other qualifier other than that of the blank check that they “made payable to the United States of America.”

As a Veteran, a father and grandfather, a professional service provider, a business owner, and an American taxpayer, David understands the ethical importance of being fiscally prudent and responsible on every project entrusted to his firm. Whether it be a federal, state, or private sector project, he is committed to his company being an ethical steward accountable for the professional services it renders and for the compensation it receives in return.  

With his BSCE from Oregon State University and his MBA from the University of Phoenix, and with his more than 35 years of technical, managerial and business experience, David, before founding Triple C, served in such positions as Director of Operations, Regional Manager, and Office Manager for several large corporations that had numerous, dispersed offices providing services on projects in which highly diversified professionals working from different locations were necessary. Being a “people person,” he has both enjoyed and is grateful for his multifaceted career involving diversified small, medium and large projects. Having “seen it all” in his extensive career opportunities, David took great pains to personally write his company’s actionable motto, “Triple C’s reasonable service is to provide exemplary service.” Far from an advertising slogan, it is his heartbeat.

Knowing that no amount of pressure on David will ever get him to eke out an account of an award achieved during his career, the following is supplied in absentia with the hopes of adding a chuckle to the reader’s day:  
Many years ago, while standing in line to get her plane ticket, the wife of Triple C’s President (when he was yet a young engineer working for another president of another company) overheard the gentleman in front of her gleefully boast about the wonderful vacation he’d just enjoyed. When Mrs. Potter inquired as to where he’d been, the gentleman responded that he’d driven on the most scenic and the best designed roadway he’d ever discovered – the design of which, he explained, optimized the terrain’s breathtaking beauty and maximized his resultant pleasure. He even went into detail about the perfectly situated scenic turnouts. Then the satisfied traveler asked Mr. Potter’s wife if she’d ever driven on “Trappers Loop,” an environmentally sensitive scenic route in Utah – “No,” she replied, “but my husband is one of the talented designers who worked on it!’” Unlike most mates, Mrs. Potter wasn’t exaggerating when she called her husband “talented” – Trappers Loop won the 1992 Award of Merit in the Federal Highway Administration Biennial Awards Program for Design. [As a final note, however, Mrs. Potter wants it documented that her “talented” husband has never taken her, all these many years later, for a joy ride on Trappers Loop, but has only given her an enlarged photo of it.]