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Dan Young
Design Manager
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While his work creed may consist of brainy quotes from architectural geniuses (such as himself), his sharp mental capacities are best illustrated by a quote from none other than Charles Schulz, creator of Snoopy and Charlie Brown: “Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” In Daniel’s case, he has an infinite number of gears and they’re all continuously “firing.” The multiplicity and versatility of his gears account for the wide range of professional services that he consistently and successfully renders to the diverse clients whom he serves - BIM and model management, BIM implementation, interoperability, animation, renderings, energy and lighting studies, preliminary design, building-integrated sustainable design, assessments, quality control / assurance, and model based estimating, to name only a few of his gears. As a driver with analytic tendencies, Daniel is persistently and tirelessly in pursuit of continual process improvement, ever fixated on quality control in order to finish each and every race with complete and accurate submittals.

Daniel has worked in various markets and on diverse project types, including health care facilities, data and intelligence centers, retail buildings and warehouses, Customs & Border Patrol stations, small and large tenant improvements, historic preservation of residences, cell tower sites, aviation and aeronautics facilities, and large-scale urban planning. Key career achievements include “constructed monuments of success” for the betterment of lives and for the enhancement of operations, such as the Phoenix VAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building, the Ajo Customs & Border Patrol Station, and the Intelligence and Operations Center for Tucson Customs & Border Patrol headquarters. 

Suffice it to say that he has gears to spare. For example, while studying art and architecture at the University of Utah, Daniel’s “photography gear” earned him first place in a competition with his historic building entry; later, while attending NewSchool of Architecture & Design, he placed second in a CSI specifications and design competition and went on to be published in a news report for his conceptualization of a local community center. As well, Daniel has also had the privilege of serving on AMARC as a DOD civilian contractor to assess the consolidation of the flight line to improve the rate of readiness for the assets stored at the facility. Who better to access and improve readiness and response rate than a professional who has the honed finesse to smoothly and rapidly shift from one gear to another.  

“The true crisis is the human habitat; the human habitat is the ecology of the planet, ecology is consumed by economics; and economics too often drives our ethical and moral judgments. Sustainable action requires an alternative approach to ecology, our ethics, and the structure of our socio-economic stability as a nation” [EcoTecture, Ecological Habitats for Humanity: A resourceful look at the evolution of sustainable communities and relative building strategies (thesis by Daniel Young)]. This quote from his thesis captures the very essence of Daniel Young as a passionate and intricate professional. Daniel’s reputation is that of a well-rounded, multifaceted production artist with a wide range of technical skills and professional attributes that garner speed and precision through automation and interoperability.