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Grand Junction VA Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service and Prosthetics Center
The Triple C Team was selected to provide design and construction-period services for the new Grand Junction VA Medical Center Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service (PMRS) and Prosthetics Center (VAGJ). The project entailed a design duration of approximately 10 months. The building was designed under sustainable design guidelines for LEED Silver. Currently, the physical medicine and rehabilitation services are approximately 50% below optimal space capitalization. This has caused a growing gap in clinical availability to effectively serve the growing demands of numerous complex and special programs. The new PMRS and Prosthetics Center will provide evidence-based and technologically advanced treatment strategies for the Veterans of today and tomorrow. As the VAMC’s PMRS Department is presently staffed with the required experts needed to actualize these advanced technologies, what with the provision of additional space capital, the Project will allow for consolidation and coordination of numerous programs within the same building. 
Triple C - The A&E Group Projects
Triple C - The A&E Group takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our Clients to design custom solutions that exceed expectations. Our attentive Staff makes every effort to ensure 100% satisfaction.

The Triple C Team has had the privelege of being selected for the following:
F.E. Warren Air Force Base
Salt Lake City VA Medical Center Gait Lab Complex
This project included the planning, design and construction-period services of the Outpatient Behavioral Health Building (PHX OBHB) at the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System Phoenix campus. Triple C provided construction documents for the first two stories of an ultimate six-story structure. This initial PHX OBHB project will provide for a 20,000 SF new building to house primary and specialty Mental and Behavioral Health services. The 1st and 2nd floors of this new building will consist of outpatient clinic and group therapy mental health services to include the PTSD Clinical Team, the Mental Health Intensive Care Management Clinic, and the Psychosocial Rehabilitative Recovery Center (PRRC), as well as other Primary and Specialty Mental Health services. The design incorporated the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural components to provide for the design and ultimate construction of four additional floors in the future. The Triple C Team worked very closely with the VA stakeholders, beginning with the charrette and throughout the subsequent follow-up meetings, to confirm and further develop the programming for the building using VA SEPS.
Phoenix VAHCS Outpatient Behavioral Health Building
Meeting the needs of veterans and their families for short-term and long-term stays at the Tucson SAVAHCS, the Arizona Fisher House is a two-story, 16-bedroom structure of approximately 17,000 SF. The Triple C Team developed construction plans, specifications and estimates for bidding and construction contract purposes to install the required utility infrastructure, as well as the installation of all appropriate walkways, sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, surface drainage and storm water collection / management, and landscaping not immediately associated with or provided by the Fisher House design / construction team. Additionally, the SAVAHCS project included a 500 SF storage building with 300 SF of air-conditioned space and 200 SF for general storage. The work involved electrical service (including required step-down transformer); domestic, fire suppression and irrigation water systems; sewer connection; required Building Management System (BMS) not specifically provided by Fisher House and telephone / fiber optic cabling systems to allow the Fisher House to be connected to existing VA systems. Construction-period services and as-builts based on observation and contractors’ marked drawings were also provided.
Triple C – The A&E Group was selected to provide Senior Bioenvironmental Hygienist services for Occupational & Environmental Health (OEH) support for the Bioenvironmental Engineering Element (BE) at F. E. Warren Air Force Base (FEW) in adherence to Air Force Occupational Safety & Health (AFOSH), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Triple C - The A&E Group is currently serving FE Warren AFB by providing Mid-level Bioenvironmental Engineering (BE) support.  Our Industrial Hygiene services are provided in order to manage Occupational Health and Special Surveillance programs.  Primary duties include identifying hazardous workplace conditions, as well as sampling, assessing, and resolving problems. All work performed complies with all applicable federal and state health and safety regulations [Air Force Occupational Safety & Health (AFOSH), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards].
Tucson SAVAHCS, the Arizona Fisher House 
The Triple C Team was selected to provide
design and construction-period services for the Salt Lake City VA Medical
Center (SLC VAMC) Gait Lab Complex, which will house a laboratory for
studying gait clinical and research purposes. The Gait Analysis Laboratory features
numerous cameras (video and I or infrared) that are placed around a walkway and
a treadmill and are ultimately linked to a computer. The study of gait allows
diagnoses and intervention strategies to be made, as well as permitting future
developments in rehabilitation engineering.  Clinical applications of gait analysis
include assessment of gait in pathological conditions such as cerebral palsy,
Parkinson's disease, and neuromuscular disorders, and limb deformity or loss.
Aside from clinical applications, gait analysis is also used in professional sports
training to optimize and improve athletic performance. The Salt Lake City VA Medical
Center laboratory will also be designed to study clients at high risk for falls, as
well as to analyze the intricacies of movement involved in making transitions
into and out of bed and during activities of daily living.

The Triple C Team designed the Gait Lab Complex to be located on the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center campus. Once operational, the new addition will provide gait analysis for prosthesis evaluation associated with walking and running. The project area includes all of the signal cabling associated with the operation and monitoring of 15 to 20 motion capture cameras and an auditory surround system.  The project work entailed all necessary utility work including separation of signal cabling from the electrical system associated with the operation of the Gait Lab. The Gait Lab required specialized flooring and vibration isolation including vibration isolation on cameras as required.  The Triple C Team provided the required professional credentials in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) AP with specialty credentials for the advanced level of green building knowledge and LEED practices. 

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